Cayenne Pepper Diet – Facts About Cayenne Pepper Diet

Cayenne Pepper SpicesThe Cayenne Pepper Diet, also know as master cleanse or lemonade diet or maple syrup diet, has helped many dieters to achieve a healthier body, lose weight, and make one happier in just a short 10 days. You will need to fast and can only consume the lemonade mixture in this diet. This would
help your digestive system to be cleansed. Years of toxins were claimed to be eliminated after a while.

Celebrities such as Beyonce have endorsed the cayenne pepper diet. She appeared on Oprah’s show and mentioned that she managed to lose 21 pounds after she embarked on this diet for 10 days. Since then, many other celebrities have followed suit to lose weight as well as achieve a healthier body. As Cayenne Pepper has many health benefits, many dieters have benefited greatly from this diet.

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Many dieters who wanted to try out this diet fear that it is going to be tough. This is no doubt difficult as one would require to fast for 10 days and only drink the lemonade mixture instructed in the diet. Most dieters failed within the first 3 days and others have done the diet incorrectly. If done incorrectly, it may have some adverse effects on the body.

If you fear that you would starve and end up having no energy because of lack of vitamins and nutrients, you can rest assure you will have sufficient energy. The maple syrup in the lemonade provide carbohydrates for the body to sustain its daily activities. If you feel dizzy, fatigue, headache, nauseating, it may be because of the detox symptoms of the cayenne pepper diet. Experience dieters would advice you that those symptoms would just disappear after the next day’s flush.

Some skeptics criticize that master cleanse does not have any scientific proof backing it up and one would be healthy and cleansed just by going through a change in lifestyle.

However, there are many more people that have gave their thumbs up for the master cleanse. Some even have their diseases and illnesses cured after the cleanse. Even the doctors are amazed by the miracle.

These are some reasons why Cayenne Pepper Diet is effective:

The Health benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Not many have realized the benefits of Cayenne pepper. It is a member of the tomato, pepper, eggplant, morning glory, and nightshade family. It contains trace minerals, high antioxidants, vitamins, and capsaicin. Cayenne pepper is one of the hottest peppers on earth that has the miraculous power to heal.

Why does Cayenne Pepper Contain Medical Properties?

The main reason why Cayenne pepper has medical properties lies in its stem – Contains chemical capsaicin. Cayenne pepper are rated according to its ‘hot’ units, which are dependent on the level of capsaicin.

The hotter the pepper, the more beneficial it is to your body. Cayenne contains vitamins like vitamin C, E and carotinoids. Capsaicin can reduce platelets stickiness, increase your metabolism, stimulates the immune system and blood circulation. It can even kill harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, and other infections they may be hidden in our body.

How Does Cayenne Pepper Benefit Our Body?

If you apply Cayenne on a wound or a bite with some warm water, you will realize your wounds to be healed half the time it usually takes. This is because Cayenne can stimulate healing by increasing the blood flow and burn out the bacteria and viruses right out of the wound. Imagine how it will benefit your body from the inside.

If you have some illness or infection in your body, this herb can act as a miracle and detox your body inside out. All the congestion in the blood veins would be cleared. Hence with master cleanse, you would have a healthier body free of illnesses and diseases.

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Why Cayenne Pepper Works So Well In Master Cleanse?

With 10 days of Master Cleanse, 10 days of Cayenne pepper would mean you have these super food in your body doing all the wonders for you.

Dieters who have finished this diet have experienced a new life of rejuvenation and vitality. Others feel satisfied because they lose excess weight, increase in productivity, think better, better digestion, lesser probability to fall sick, cold, and even diseases.

Celebrities Who Have Done The Cayenne Pepper Diet

cayenne pepper diet beyonce

The famous singer/actress Beyonce Knowles was invited on the Oprah Winfrey’s show in the year of 2006 and said that she had managed to lose 21 pounds on the cayenne pepper diet to prepare for her main role in her new movie “Dreamgirls” at that time. In that role, Beyoncé, appeared as a 16-year-old at first then in another scene, she appeared as 26 years of age. The Cayenne Pepper Diet helped Beyoncé to regain 10 years of youth for her role.

cayenne pepper diet quivers

Robin Quivers is another celebrity who embark on the Cayenne Pepper Diet on three different occasions in 2004 and lost a shocking 73 lbs, dropped from a high of 218 to 145 lbs and she remained thin permanently, "I've never felt this good about my body before," said Quivers. The magician, David Blaine, introduced the cayenne pepper diet to Quivers in Stern's show.

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  1. ima
    2137 days ago

    can we change maple syrup to cranberry or something else? because it so hard to find maple syrup in malaysia

  2. Morrissey
    2110 days ago

    i got sick in the middle of my 10 days is it safe to take day/night Quil during the diet? or what medicine is safe without affecting the diet?

  3. choco
    2093 days ago

    Today was day one bt I failed I just couldn’t I want to do this but its too difficult

  4. David
    2068 days ago

    I have been drinking a combination of cayenne and hot water and have dropped over 30 pounds in less than a month. I eat any thing I want but I don’t eat as much because I am not as hungry as I used to be. I also do circut training which consists of 20 sets, 10-12 reps, and not resting. I really believe in the cayenne.

  5. Nelisiwe
    2037 days ago

    I have been there, done that in September 2010 and have lost 3kg in 5days. I am starting again today for 5 days cos I still need to lose 13kg. I cannot take it longer than 5 days. Have decided to take it slowly until I get there!

  6. Mintiza
    2009 days ago

    What should you eat while you are on the diet?

  7. Valoodorp
    2008 days ago

    Greets guys! I have been lurking here quite a while and am only now getting around to registering so I can chime in from time to time. I’m 40 years old and have been doing fitness for the last decade. Prior to that I was suffering from a long battle from childhood obesity. I will try to give tips or anything of value whenever I can lend a hand. Thanks all!

  8. Richard Guay
    Richard Guay
    1981 days ago

    can someone help me regarding hair loss remedy with cayenne??

  9. ME
    1980 days ago


  10. ME
    1980 days ago



  11. tess
    1970 days ago

    cayenne powder is not available in the market. can i use cayenne chili powder instead of cayenne powder? thanks.

  12. Bob Lyon
    Bob Lyon
    1961 days ago

    Hi Eden,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I used to support operations in Singapore – one my favorite places. Eight months ago I was diagnosed with cancer and found the Cayenne pepper article regarding it’s ability to kill cancer cells. I started a very strong pepper diet instantly and have had positive results. Regards, Bob Lyon

  13. jennifer
    1931 days ago

    i got all the things thats needed except i go real lemon juice from concentrate, cayanne powder pepper not organic.. and 100% real maple syrup… in canada we dont have grade b syrup… r these good enough for the diet??? please let me know if it can still be done

  14. Jonathan
    1929 days ago

    Where can I get this cayenne pepper from.

    Thank you

  15. vanity
    1917 days ago

    is this diet ok to do for someone who has type 2 diabetes?

  16. Sharee
    1916 days ago

    Hi ,I plan on going on this diet next week. Im trying to prepare myself first mentally. I was wondering whats the beginning process and how often should you drink the laxative tea? guys/gals please pray that i will pull through this journey. Im tired of being tired all the time and i could use some weight loss. Im hoping that doing this diet will be a new beginning for me.

  17. Tanya
    1890 days ago

    To all those people who find fasting tough, I did a 7 day detox with the lemonade mix.. using fresh lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, cayenne powder and bottled pure water.. making a fresh batch for each day since the enzymes in the fresh lemons are quite important. I go to the gym four times a week so fasting and only surviving on the lemon drink would not be sufficient enough for my energy supply, so I integrated raw food with the special drink. Eating fruit for breakfast, vegetables for lunch and dinner.. sneaking a soup in when I felt the need for something warm. I felt tired for the first 3 days and was a zombie at the gym and the fourth day was when I started to feel a difference, on the fifth day I felt amazing.. the difference was incredible and I would definitely do it all over again. I was never hungry and if I did start feeling a bit peckish I just drank a big glass of the lemon drink. My goal was to detox, not to lose weight but I guess with detoxing comes weight loss. I did have quite a few comments at the end that I was wasting away, so I rewarded myself with a nice big breakfast once it was over. =o)

  18. vicky
    1658 days ago

    how many times a day do you drink it

  19. vicky
    1658 days ago

    how many times a day do you take it