Are You Well Prepared For Cayenne Pepper Diet?

Before you embark in the cayenne pepper diet.. Read this shocking report..

We’ve been getting so many requests for the correct information about the EXACT instructions/directions of the Cayenne pepper diet or also known as the Master Cleanse.. It was time to simply try it out and see. Obviously the question on everyone’s mind is “Am I doing the cleanse correctly?” People want to know whether it is safe to do so and how can they do it successfully…

The truth is a bit stranger than fiction it would seem…

The originator of master cleanse had long passed away and the world recently know what the diet is all about because of Oprah Show. Celebrities like Beyonce has used the diet to lose 21 pounds of weight And it’s not actually a weight loss diet.. It’s a cleansing diet.

While we were at first put off by the play on words, the reality behind the diet is too strong to ignore. Because most diet does not involve fasting, the master cleanse requires to fast for 10 days and can go up to 40 days… Tough? I bet so..

Before You Decided To Embark On The Diet, Do You Know The Correct Instructions Or Recipe?

We are asking you this question is because the number 1 mistake people usually made is “THEY DO NOT KNOW THE RIGHT DIRECTIONS”. When we surveyed a group of Master Cleanse participants, we found out that 77% of the participants got the wrong information/instructions when they start out the master cleanse. It turned out that they simply used the free information found on the web thinking that the free information they found is the correct instructions.

As such, they followed the wrong instructions and they either fail to complete the cleanse, or they finish the cleanse harming their body.

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For instance, our research had found several sites giving the following “not so accurate” information. The sites show that when you prepare the lemonade for a day, you can simply do that by measuring the right amount of ingredients (14 tablespoons of lemonade and maple syrup each, 1/2 tablespoon of cayenne pepper and 2 liters of water for each serving) and mix everything together all at a go.

What is the right master cleanse instructions?

Water and Cayenne pepper should not be added at the point of preparing the mixture for the day. These 2 ingredients should be added at the point when you are about to drink the mixture. This is because water and cayenne pepper would break down the lemonade nutrients and vitamins. The lemon would get oxidized very quickly especially with cayenne pepper as cayenne pepper act as a catalyst.

Click here to read more accurate instructions like this.

If you prepare the lemonade the wrong way, you may potentially harm your body because most of the vitamins and nutrients you need from the lemonade could have broken down and evaporated into the air. If you do not finish the lemonade mixture within a short amount of time, the lemons may turn bad.

It is hence important that you have the right instructions when doing the Master Cleanse. Do bear in mind that if you are thinking of saving money by looking at the free information online, you may end up losing more..

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  1. Sheena
    3234 days ago

    How many servings a day shall I have the lemonade?

  2. mel
    3205 days ago

    so when you are on this 10days afterthe 2 weeks how much u lose in the 10 day