Can Anyone Go On Cayenne Pepper Diet

For people who are thinking about doing the cayenne pepper diet, to cleanse the body of all the wastes that has accumulated in the body, the question is are you suitable for the cleanse? Yes it is one of the most popular cleanse ever and for most people you should embark on the cleanse once or twice every year to keep your brain refreshed and sharp. However, there are people that should not embark on this cleanse.

Pregnant women and mothers who just gave birth should delayed the master cleanse. Reason being as they are having babies, they need a calorie rich diet to remain healthy and in the first case, pregnant women need to keep their babies healthy. In additional to that, they would need more vitamins and nutrients than normal people. Another reason why pregnant women should not follow the diet is because any toxins being detoxified while having baby would resulted in the baby absorbing all the toxins as the toxins would be detoxified through the blood.

People who have low blood pressure should seek a doctor before embarking on this diet as it would cause them to faint or feel light headedness. People with low immune system, old people and children should avoid the cleanse as well. People with heart problems should seek also a doctor too before embarking on the diet.

Diabetes patients on the other hand, can embark on this cleanse, but they would need to use a different recipe that does not include the maple syrup. Many has succeeded in the cleanse before. Stanley Burroughs, who created the master cleanse, has long created the alternate recipe for diabetics. The reason why is because maple syrup contains sugar and diabetics need to avoid sugar as much as possible.

Cancer patients who are on chemo should not do the cayenne pepper diet. Chemotherapy is a very tough process on the body, people who are on chemo would lose a lot of weight and the immune system are generally lowered. Chemotherapy patients should keep their weight above a certain level. Hence, cancer patients should not do the diet at all cost.

You should assess your own situation before embarking on the master cleanse. It would be best if you are in excellent health conditions before following the cayenne pepper diet. And there are also times when even if you are very healthy, you should also consult the doctor if you have the chance. The diet can be quite challenging and so it is advisable for you to be in tip top condition.

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  1. zuri
    3471 days ago

    Are anemic people at risk if considering going on the Cayenne Cleanse Diet?

    • admin
      3470 days ago

      Hi Zuri, for people who have anemic, it may not be advisable for them to do the cayenne pepper diet. However, if you want to do so, you should consult your doctor first.

  2. jaisa
    3426 days ago

    how often can i drink cayenne?

  3. admin
    3426 days ago

    Hi Jaisa, you can drink the lemonade mixture 6-10 servings in a day.

  4. Antoinette
    3258 days ago

    how do i know the amont to mix to start my diet

  5. maria
    3160 days ago

    I have tried the diet for 2 weeks but the I also take tyroxine for Hoshimotos, I have experienced weight loss but a very nasty cough filled with muscus which is now a bit pinkish in colour, should I stop?

  6. Zara
    3159 days ago

    @Maria – it’s probably because Cayenne pepper drains mucas, especially from your sinus – so thats a good thing…that’s what I think but am no doctor!

  7. Lizz
    2993 days ago

    I just had a baby 3 weeks ago, Im NOT breastfeeding, is it ok to go on this diet??

  8. Chrissy
    2984 days ago

    What can a diabetic use to replace maple syrup

  9. lorna law
    lorna law
    2829 days ago

    hi i dont want to start the cayenne peepper diet, i just want to take one 520mg cayennenne pepper capsule daily, would this be advisable as i have low blood pressure, and no gallbladder?