Cayenne Pepper – The Amazing Healing Herb


Cayenne pepper, also known as red pepper, has been used for medicinal purposes from ancient times to combat fatigue and as an overall stimulant. Even though you may find that cayenne pepper is usually red, it can have different color such as orange and yellow.


Traditionally it was also used to help with the pain related to stomachaches and gas, to improve and treat diseases of the circulatory system diseases, as a treatment for arthritic and rheumatic pain. It is named after the city Cayenne in French Guyana.  Of course, we all know of the pepper that is used in spicy meals, but time and again, it has been proven that Cayenne pepper has healing agents.  It comes from the Capsicum Annuum Longum plant which can grow up to a height of 3 feet. And it is also used to make mace or pepper spray.

Health Benefits

The cayenne pepper has high concentration of capsaicin which can produce high intense of heat, and capsaicin is a very effective in relieving pain. It is also well known for its anti-ulcer relieve and digestive aid. In the tropical countries, people love the cayenne pepper because of its ability to reduce body temperature.

One of its main uses is to help improve blood circulation or vasodilation, as it is medically known, by opening up blood vessels, namely the large arteries, veins and arterioles.  Another common use of cayenne pepper is thermogenics, where they increase the body’s metabolism.  Studies show that it also helps with digestion helping the body develop hydrochloric acid.  Therefore it plays a major role with dyspepsia, improving gas pains, bloating, and nausea. The importance of having a good the digestive system is second to none.  When one cannot digest food properly it affects their overall health and organ functionality.

According to a recent New England Journal of Medicine study, the Italian doctors managed to reduce the indigestion symptoms significantly of 30 men and women by taking daily doses of red pepper. These 30 patients were randomly selected to have either 2.5 grams of red pepper powder each day or a placebo (The study took 5 weeks). In the group that receives the cayenne pepper, they have lesser symptom scores than the placebo group. The  symptom scores for the red pepper group were 38% for nausea, 50% for stomach pain, 46% for stomach fullness, 48% for overall symptom scores lower than the placebo group.

Cardiovascular activity

It is also believed to end a heart attack in a few short seconds by administering Cayenne extract orally to the victim because not only does it enhance blood circulation, it also increases cardiovascular activity.  At the same time, it lowers blood pressure. It can clear the blood of substances and gases as well.

Pain Relief

A cream made from the capsicum plant serves as the pain reliever for arthritis, diabetes and HIV, nerve pain associated with cancer-related surgery, and pain associated with shingles. Although the pain may increase after the first use, it will decrease afterward. The reason for this is that it releases compounds that are involved between the nervous system and the other parts of the body. This cream can release itching involved with psoriasis and other skin conditions. In liquid form, dripped into the nostrils, it can relieve cluster headaches and serves as a decongestive.

Cayenne pepper if made into a plaster and apply directly on the skin of the back can actually believe back pain. As it is an astringent, it stops bleeding and avoids any swelling.  It can be used to stop bleeding gums as well.  Due to its stimulating powers, it can avoid shock or depression related to trauma by applying a few grains on the lips.

Capsaicin is the main ingredient behind cayenne pepper effective treatment for cluster headaches and osteoarthritis pain. Capsaicin would cause the release of “Pain” from the nerve cells which may cause infection and pain for the start. After “Pain” is released, capsaicin would block the pain sensation

Nutrition Value

nutrition value

Nutritional values of cayenne are as follows: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and is a great source of great source of calcium and potassium. In combination with other herbs, it is known to stimulate the others, almost as a catalyst. It channels the nutrients throughout the body like neural hormonal action, cellular respiration and metabolic data transmission.

Cayenne pepper is also a main ingredient in the popular Master Cleanse Diet.  In conjunction with lemon juice, and Grade B maple syrup, these ingredients aid in cleansing the colon and the body of toxins that the body cannot rid itself of.

How to Choose And Store Your Cayenne Pepper

You can easily find Cayenne Pepper in various forms like fresh, dried, crushed dried, or ground. On the left, we have provided you with the organic cayenne pepper powder, ground, from Amazon (It comes with pack of 4). It is advisable to choose organically grown herbs to avoid consuming the irradiated cayenne pepper. And do keep them in tightly sealed glass jar, away from the direct sunlight so you can keep it for up to one year.

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  1. Fanny Liz
    Fanny Liz
    3472 days ago

    I’m reading a lot about cayenne pepper. some say you can lose weight by eating cayenne pepper. Do you know whether cayenne pepper can help me to lose weight?

  2. Adesanya Adeolu
    Adesanya Adeolu
    3460 days ago

    I will like to be receiving newsletter on cayene pepper diet resources. Thanks

  3. Adesanya Adeolu
    Adesanya Adeolu
    3460 days ago

    I will like to receive newsletter on cayene pepper diet preparation

  4. margaret
    3428 days ago

    i would like to know what all the diet consist of and how it has to be taken

  5. Emma
    3427 days ago

    Hi Margaret, I think you can look at the diet recipe section for more information about the diet. Basically it consists of cayenne pepper, lemons, water, and maple syrup.

  6. michele
    3421 days ago

    I gave payment for the diet but nothing has downloaded, please help

    • admin
      3421 days ago

      Hi Michele, I have contacted the author of the book and their staff is going to send to you the whole program. You don’t have to worry about it as we have heard many people bought their program and their comments are nothing but good. Maybe you can check your email again.

  7. M Mostert
    M Mostert
    3364 days ago

    I would like you to email me the information on the Cayenne Pepper diet.

  8. Pearl
    3259 days ago

    What a suprise.It sounds good and health.Kindly please send me the information on the cayenne pepper diet.

  9. annette sava
    annette sava
    2889 days ago

    how often are you suppose take a single serving of this . is it just once a day for 10 days??? not aure. annette

  10. Nonhlanhla Magubane
    Nonhlanhla Magubane
    2772 days ago

    I have been using Cayenne pepper,lemon juice and Maple syurp for diet for 5 days it really works i lost a lot and i will use it again to loose more.

  11. deandre j.
    deandre j.
    2768 days ago

    are you guaranteed to lose weight if the diet is used properly? also, i would like for you to to email the recipe on the cayenne pepper diet.

  12. Thea
    2721 days ago

    I am using Cyanne pepper for the third week now, and I can honestly say that I am not feeling bloated anymore. I am not on a diet, and eat as normal. I take a halfspoon cyanne pepper mixed in luke water in the morning first thing and last thing at night before I go sleep. Is this the right way to do it? Am I going to lose weight by doing it this way? Please advise?