For an effective Cayenne Pepper Diet, there are 3 phases for you to follow. Watch the cayenne pepper diet directions video below.

The first phase is known as the warm up phase, where you may want to get yourself ready for the entire cayenne pepper diet because the 10 -days is a very tough journey. You would need to withstand the hunger as the only thing you can drink is the lemonade mixture.

The second phase is the cayenne pepper diet itself, with the optional salt water flush or non caffeinated laxative tea.

Once you have finished the diet, you will go on to the 3rd phase – the post cleanse.

We shall go on and take a look into pre cleanse – The pre cleanse or warm up phase is all about getting used to the hunger. To do the pre cleanse would actually benefit you and help you to complete the cayenne pepper diet. However, this is optional steps and you don’t really have to do the pre cleanse.

For the warm up phase, you may want to start with salads and whole foods just 2 days before you start the diet.

And just 1 day before the diet, you may just want to drink fruit juices and soups. Once you have finished the pre-cleanse, you can start into the actual cayenne pepper diet.

During the 10 days cayenne pepper cleanse, for a start, you would need around 40 organic lemons, organic cayenne pepper powder, distilled water, at least a bottle of 64 Oz. Grade B organic maple syrup and also salt water flush or non caffeinated laxative tea.

For 1 serving, you would need 2 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoon of maple syrup, 1/10 tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder, and 10 oz of distilled water.

As for the salt water flush or the laxative tea, you may find salt water flush too strong, non caffeinated laxative tea may be good enough. Most of the people do the salt water flush or laxative tea in the evening time.

As for the post cleanse, after you have finished the diet, it is important for you to not return to your normal diet immediately.

For day 1, you would need to start off with something liquid like fruit juices. Day 2, you may want to drink soup and vegetables juice. And for day 3, have soft food like porridge and fruits before you go on back to your normal diet.

That will be all for the entire Cayenne Pepper Diet directions.