How exactly is the Master Cleanse Fast supposed to get rid of gallstones?

I've read that the Master Cleanse can get rid of gallstones. Does it do it by dissolving the stones? If not, then why don't the stones just pass by themselves…even WITHOUT the master cleanse?

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  1. mr.answerman
    3530 days ago

    A kidney stone can be flushed because the stone may be in the urine stream. The force of the moving urine can force them out. The gallbladder does not work this way, there is no forceful flow of anything. When you eat a meal with fat, hormones signal the gallbladder to simply contract. This will empty the bile into the first part of the small intestine, through an orifice the diameter of a pencil lead. Stones will not leave the gallbladder, they can be the size of a shooting marble and some people have made jewelry out of them. So no flush will do anything only surgical procedures can remove them.