How long do I need to stay on the cayenne pepper diet?

I’ve been asked to be in a friend’s wedding that was orginally set for Sept of this yr. It has now been moved up to March. I don’t have much time to lose the weight I had planned on losing by Sept. I want to try the cayenne pepper diet, I read about it and I think I can do it. Though, I didn’t read anything about how long one should stay on the diet or how much of the drink I need to intake. Does any one know about this diet? if so please help me.

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  1. Anonymous
    3536 days ago

    Stay on it for as long as your anus can bear it.

  2. hope
    3533 days ago

    my sister in law did it she says to stay on it for 10 days
    but to drink the herbal laxative by tripple leaf its organic it comes in a green box most of the items you can find in a whole sale food market if there is one near you. drink a lax the night before then mornin drink the tea andthen at night the lax and morning for ten days. shes lost 10 -15 lbs every time she does it and shes done it 3 times in the past year and a half. she looks great.