Why do we need to detoxify our body when our body has its own detoxification system?

True, the body comes equipped with its own detoxifying process, but it can only go so far. Due to constant abuse, neglect, and the consumption of today’s unhealthy food, the body will require additional help in the detoxification process.

If our body has its own ability to detox, why do many of the people around us are haunted by cancers, diseases and illnesses? The fact that many people are affected by diseases is because they have not been eating healthily and their body could no longer detoxify itself.

In these instances, going on a cleanse or a fast such as cayenne pepper diet (master cleanse) can help you detoxify the excessive toxins in your body.

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  1. walnetta
    3496 days ago

    why is the saltwater flush essential how do I make the flush

  2. walnetta
    3496 days ago

    because through our lifetime we introduce our body to things that change our normal function its like putting un recognized systems in a computer and its unable to recognized it therefoore it can’t process it detoxing is like giving it a chance to start over unfortunately its the first step a better lifestyle must follow

  3. Emma
    3495 days ago

    Prepare the salt water solution by mixing a teaspoon of organic sea salt (not iodized salt) with a liter of water. As much as possible, consume the entire salt water solution in one go.

  4. vanessa
    3243 days ago

    Cancer does not come from eating unhealthily. That is an ignorant statement.