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  1. Tammee
    3514 days ago

    can I do the diet even when Im on high blood persure pills? I asked my doctor but she said shes never heard of Master Cleanse..

  2. Emma
    3514 days ago

    Hi Tammee,

    Yes, you can do the diet even if you are on high blood pressure pills. But please do consult your doctor such that you don’t get a double whammy and faint when you are doing the cayenne pepper diet.

    You may also want to do a short cleanse first and notice the effects before you go for a longer one. That way it’s safer for you too.

  3. mary ann
    mary ann
    3509 days ago

    can someone please tell me hoe to make this drink how much of what

  4. Emma
    3434 days ago

    how to start cayenne diet and what to buy, thanks.