Cayenne Pepper Diet Lessons – What Master Cleansers Learnt

We have consolidated the lessons learned from many Lemonade Cayenne Pepper dieters. This is how they learned as they gone through the diet. It will help you greatly in completing the diet as you discovered the experience of all these dieters. Below are 14 lessons which many Master Cleansers learnt.

Eliminate All Temptations – Do not cook a gourmet meal for the family or it’s hard to resist temptations. Get a small separate fridge so that you won’t be tempted.


Distraction Is The Key To Avoid Eating – If you find that you can’t avoid the temptations of eating, it is because you are not distracting yourself enough. Mastering the art of distracting yourself is the key of winning over temptations. Many people would advice not to go around food.


Psyche Up Your Mind – you will realize that some days are really a tough mental test and you will wonder why does God put you through all this. But remember, the long term benefits of the cleanse will keep your body healthy.


Think Today – Stop counting the number of days left before it is all over but rather concentrate on the present day.


Weighing Scale Monster – Use the weighing machine as a monitoring tool rather than being a slave of the machine. Different people lose weight at different times of the cleanse, hence do not let it control your emotions.


Stop All The Excuses - Once you give in to a temptation, you will eventually give in to many temptations in the future. You would need to tell yourself ‘No’ to all the temptations and “Today is the best time to do the cleanse”


Fleeting Thoughts And Emotions – All thoughts and emotions are very short. Once you fight the urge for the most 2 minutes, all the urge would simply vanish.


Cleansers’ Support – It will help you greatly if you can communicate to dieters who are on the diet or who have experience in the diet. They will give you both moral support and great advices to help you through the cleanse.


You Are In Control – You are in total control of your body. You are taking full responsibilities of taking care of yourself and whatever that goes into your mouth. You are able to fight all the temptations because you are strong both mentally and physically.


You Can Survive Without Meals – Another lesson here is that you can be strong even if you skipped meals. Many dieters feared that if they go on this cleanse, they would die of hunger because they skipped so many meals. But the truth is you will not collapse because the lemonade provides you with the necessary nutrients!


Family And Friends’ Support - It would help greatly if you have support from the people around you. It would be important to communicate to them that you are doing this diet because you want to be healthy. And it is safe for you to go on this diet. It is also essential to let them know not to tempt you to eat foods and stay away from you when they are eating delicious meals.


Doing The Opposite Of What Your Head Is Telling You To Do - “I am hungry and the foods look delicious. Maybe I should try some foods”. Have your mind keep telling you this? Simply do the opposite and you will do fine. Consciously make an effort to do the opposite of what your mind is telling you.


Cayenne Pepper Diet Is As Hard As You Think – If you think master cleanse is difficult, then it is. However, many people have learned that the actual process of the diet is not as hard as they think. It is about eating right and living easier. It is about feeling good about your body.

Colon Is Linked To Everywhere In Your Body – Your face, lips, anus, skins, stomach, everything is linked to the colon. If your colon is full of waste and toxins, then there would be many instances of illnesses and diseases appearing all over your body. Your skin may have terrible pimples, diseases, tumors etc when your colon is not cleansed.

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  1. frenchmustard
    3542 days ago

    All very good points. Follow this advise and you will get through.

    On the last point, can someone tell me if their brain is also linked to the colon. I have a freind who is a little retarded. Would this diet help him to live a more useful life ?

  2. frenchmustard
    3540 days ago

    S&F (ASL?). I didn’t mean any disrespect when I said my friend was retarded. It’s just that he’s a big waste of air and just sits around dribblng all day. I was hoping that someone had had success curing mentals with lemonade and cayenne pepper. It has to be better than the alternative.


  3. admin
    3540 days ago

    Dear all, please refrain from vulgarities and obscene languages.

  4. frenchmustard
    3540 days ago

    Sorry :{.
    Just got a bit wound up.

  5. shortandfat
    3539 days ago

    Apologise, got carried away with the moment