Cayenne Pepper Diet Mental Preparation

Mental preparation for the diet is the ultimate key to success. Most of the dieters failed because they did not prepare themselves adequately for the diet. The fact is that they would need a lot of sheer determination for this diet and the motivation would need to come from internal.

There are several steps for you to do strong mental preparations.

  1. First of all you must ask yourself the following question.

    Why do you embark on cayenne pepper diet?
    The reasons why most of us want to embark on the master cleanse can be due to a healthier life, to get rid of the years of waste in our colon, to fulfill a deeper sense of spiritual meaning in life.

    However, these reasons are not your own reasons. To you, it may not be important to you to get rid of the colon waste in your colons. And if these reasons are not important to you, when you face difficulties in the diet, you will not have the motivation to continue on the diet.

    Some of the successful master cleansers who completed the master cleanse are because it is a 

    MUST for them to complete the diet. Some of them have already diagnosed with diseases and the master cleanse may be their last hope. They will do whatever it takes to complete the diet no matter what. 

    Now, to have strong mental preparations, you would need to ask yourself why you embark on this diet. Are these reasons important to you? 

    Write down all the reasons why you are embarking on the Master Cleanse on a piece of A3 paper. Once you have written down all the reasons, paste it on the wall where you can see it clearly on the wall. 

  2. Next, decide on the number of days of master cleanse you want to stay on and mark down on your calendar you want to start the master cleanse.Even though the standard number of days for master cleanse is 10 days, if you first started, you may want to start off with lesser number of days. It does not really matter how many days you have completed but rather whether you have complete the cleanse you have set out for.

    When you mark down on your calendar, it will help you consciously remind yourself that it is an important day and it will act as a “mental preparation” for you. 

  3. Get rid of all the potential traps in the house.

You may want to look through your house to get rid of all the foods. You can give them away to your neighbors, donate to the needy or finish the food before you embark on the diet. It is important that you do this because if food is lying around in the house, you may not be able to resist the temptations of not eating food.


It would be best that you can rent some empty house where there is the minimum amount of temptations.

  1. Arrange activities (does not include watching television) 

    Have you ever thought of what you are going to do during the diet? Try to plan activities that will distract you away from foods. It can be something you enjoy like reading, surfing sites etc. If you want to watch television, choose some inspiration movies to keep you motivated in the cleanse. Movies like “Pursuit of happyness”, “Kungfu panda”, “Lord of the rings”, are some of the inspiring movies you can watch.

With these 4 steps prepared, you are no doubt much well prepared than not doing these mental preparations at all. Do not underestimate these 4 steps because it is a big difference between success and failure.

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