Cayenne Pepper Diet Recipe

The cayenne pepper diet simply works this way; basically, you consume only lemonade for the entire diet. In short, you drink a minimum of 60 oz of lemonade a day, however, feel free to drink more if you feel so. You should also drink water as and when you feel thirsty.

Here’s a single serving recipe:

You would need 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (approximate half a lemon), 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup grade B, 1/10 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, and ten oz. glasses of water (hot or cold water is up to your preference)

For the lemon juice, it is best to squeeze it fresh. However, if you choose to squeeze all the lemon at one go, you can make a concentrate of lemon juice and keep it in the fridge for 8 hours. (the exact directions would be sent to you through our emails, hence sign up for our newsletter soon).

However do not use canned lemon juice as all the vitamins and nutrients of the lemon would be gone.

As for the maple syrup, it must be organic and using grade B maple syrup. Take note that do not use the sugar filled syrup that is placed on the breakfast table every morning.

The cayenne pepper is actually one of the most important ingredient in the diet. The pepper has many health benefits that not only increase healthy blood flow in your body, it is also a rich source of vitamins B and C.

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  1. Kate
    3183 days ago

    Ashley…how did you do on the diet? I am starting it today

  2. shan
    3138 days ago

    wait so you drink 6-12 cups (approx.) of this per day?

    • admin
      3137 days ago

      @shan : it’s measured in terms of oz, not cups.

  3. Anjelica
    3134 days ago

    I am on day 12…which has been the hardest day yet. I’m having cravings, and I feel like giving up but I won’t because the maple syrup was too expensive to waste! LOL. I’ve lost 8 lbs and warn people to stay away from the scale because it fluctuates (I assume that’s due to all the water you drink). The scale can be a blow, but @ least you know you’re cleansing your system of toxins.

  4. Elizabeth
    3099 days ago

    A friend of mine suggested to make cayenne capsules to swallow. There are much easier to handle than the taste. The pepper In the drink was a shock first thing in the morning. The empty capsule can be found at a healthy food/nutrition store.

    • admin
      3099 days ago

      @Elizabeth : That’s a wrong advice. The cayenne pepper in the powder form is much less effective. If you find the pepper being a shock, try it with lesser amount and slowly increasing the amount.

  5. nora
    3076 days ago

    how much of an actual organic cayenne pepper is needed in each 8 oz glass of the mix?

  6. nora
    3076 days ago

    how much of an actual organic cayenne pepper is needed for each 8 oz glass of the drink?

  7. Mia
    3075 days ago

    I’m confused, how many oz of this are you supposed to drink per day?

  8. Lovelace
    3065 days ago

    I wanna start immediately! Kindly send through a complete recipe.

  9. Sheree
    2989 days ago

    I need to know can you use molasses instead of maple syrup

    2970 days ago

    Please sent me a measurement for maple syrup, cayenne peprerand lemon how to measure it I want to make the receip for the whole day.

  11. D.A.
    2961 days ago

    so my question is……. can we eat something else or should i drink only the mixture.. how it works???

  12. Neese
    2904 days ago

    ok so just started and im excited to see results :) have inspiration pictures and text that ive written as to why im doing this diet and why i should stick to it and have to say its not bad at all….just tatse like a spicy tea….gonna take each day as it comes and just enjoy it…wish me luck everyone good luck to you all…x

  13. mary
    2867 days ago

    Hi, i am thinking can i put the powder into a capsules myself. So instead of mixing the powder into the lemondae juice, i swallow the capsule. Is easier for me to handle the spicyness of the pepper. Will the result be the same as i mix the pepper powder in the juice? the capsules is i do it myself by buying empty capsules pills and pour the pepper powder into it and make it into a pepper capsule.

  14. jennifer
    2807 days ago

    i got all the things thats needed except i go real lemon juice from concentrate, cayanne powder pepper not organic.. and 100% real maple syrup… in canada we dont have grade b syrup… r these good enough for the diet??? please let me know if it can still be done

  15. Erika
    2805 days ago

    Please send complete diet thru so that I can get started ASAP.

  16. Joey
    2787 days ago

    we are in south africa and some of us don’t understand oz , and there is no mapple syrup is there any thing else we can use ,/like raw honey.

  17. Tamyia
    2774 days ago

    Please send me the complete recipe for the cayenne pepper diet I intend on doing it for a month.

  18. young
    2773 days ago

    can you exercise while you’re in cayenne pepper diet? and can you pre mix it, so i don’t have to mix it every time i have to drink it?

  19. young
    2773 days ago

    oh, is grade A maple syrup ok?

  20. anya
    2771 days ago

    In South Africa you can get maple syrup at PnP and also at Woolworths; woolies got the organic type… one cannot use honey in place of the maple syrup as it is the maple syrup and cayenne pepper combination that do the trick and is not just a sweetner…