Can Cayenne Pepper Kill Cancer Cells

Cayenne Peppers, an active ingredient used in the flavoring of a number of dishes, and one of the most important components of the Master Cleanse, known for its detoxifying properties, has proved its worth in both the culinary arts and medicine as well. Further more, unknown to the majority, Cayenne Peppers have an additional benefit in the fight against cancer. Cayenne Peppers have the ability to combat the spread of cancer cells; killing a large percentage of these cancer cells.

About Cayenne Pepper

Here is a little information on this pepper’s roots, Cayenne Pepper (Bird Pepper or Guinea Pepper), a hot red chili pepper, named from the Cayenne, a city in French Guiana, is a pepper from the Capsicum Annuum, a pepper genus. Other peppers from the same genus are jalapenos and bell peppers. The peppers are dried and ground, or pulped and baked. After which, they are ground and sifted to a finer powder and the finished product is Cayenne Pepper.

Breakthrough Discovery

Capsaicin, the component in peppers that give the tongue and any other part of the body it comes into contact to a hot or burning sensation, and is the main reason it is utilized as a spice, is the same component that kills cancer cells. This is according to studies in Cancer Research, published in its March 15 issue.

This component, Capsaicin, was tested on cancer infected human prostate cells, conducted by medical researchers and scientists from The Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute (a cancer institute found at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center), in cooperation with a team from The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The teams discovered the Capsaicin caused the cancer cells to go through apoptosis or PCD (programmed cell death).

The pepper component killed about 80 percent of the developed cancer cells growing inside mice. The mice treated with Capsaicin had their tumors significantly reduced to a fifth of the original size, compared to mice untreated with the pepper component. Not only did the Capsaicin kill a considerable amount of the developed cancer cells, it also radically slowed down the development of the cancer infected tumors in the mouse test subjects.

According to the researching teams, the dosage of the pepper extract, orally fed to the test subject mice, is equivalent to 400 milligrams; if it was given to a man who was 200 pounds, trice a week. A conceivable amount if tested on men suffering from prostate cancer.

Victims Of Prostate Cancer Growing

Prostate Cancer has been reportedly plaguing men since it was described in the early 1500s, and when it was officially identified in the mid 1800s. Ever since then, more and more men have fallen victim to it. According to medical records, in the USA alone, 232,000 men are reported to have been diagnosed with prostate cancer each and every year. Worldwide, 680,000 men are diagnosed and are suffering from prostate cancer every year.

Each and every year about 30,000 American men die as a result of the spread of the dreaded disease. Around the world, there are a reported 221,000 deaths as a result of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has been claiming the lives of countless men around the world for years, and the numbers are growing.

The Amount Of Capsaicin In Cayenne Peppers

According to the hot pepper meter, The Scoville Scale, a procedure in which the amount of Capsaicin is measured in hot chili peppers, Cayenne Peppers contains 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville Units. A considerable amount in one small pepper and since the spice is popularly used in an assortment of dishes, treatments, and detoxification methods, makes its users an unlikely candidate for prostate cancer. For those who are suffering from prostate cancer, it is a viable solution for preventing the spread of the cancer, and ultimately killing the cancer cells.

The Versatility Of Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers have proven its worth in an assortment of uses. It is widely and popularly used as a hot, aromatic, and appetizing spice in numerous cuisines, and is also used alongside vinegar as a preservative. The spice is also one of the best components used in marinating. Cayenne Peppers are also used in spicy Chinese cooking, Szechwan cuisine.

In security, law enforcement, and the military, Cayenne Peppers are used in the manufacture of pepper sprays or mace. The burning sensation caused by the contact of the pepper chemical to the eyes is known and widely used for temporarily subduing unwanted elements, causing tearing, excruciating pain, and temporary blindness. Pepper sprays are used in a variety of tactics, tactics in quelling riots, controlling crowds, self defense, and animal control (bears and dogs).

In medicine, Cayenne Peppers have been used throughout the ages as a remedy to temporarily relieve itches and pains, through its effectiveness in affecting sensory nerves. The pepper is also known to be used as a vasodilator; a process in which the blood vessels dilate, reliving pressure from the arteries and veins, promoting better blood circulation, and decreasing blood pressure.

Cayenne Peppers are also one of the most important ingredients in the Master Cleanse, known for its detoxifying properties. Furthermore, in a recent discovery, the peppers are now known to eliminate and kill cancer cells, and prevent them from further developing.


The Cayenne Pepper has proven to be one of the most valuable and flexible pepper species known to man. Its prominent use in delectable cuisines, by many of the world’s cultures, has made it a very popular spice that finds its way to our dinner tables; its use as a non-lethal weapon by the military, police, security, and civilians, by temporarily subduing unwanted elements; its use in the medical world as a potent remedy and method of detoxification (The Master Cleanse), and now, thanks to the breakthrough discovery of modern medicine and science, is a long awaited cure for cancer. The Cayenne Pepper’s versatility baffles the imagination, and is truly one of natures gifts to man. Who knows what else the Cayenne Pepper has in store for us?

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    3447 days ago

    i am in Johannesburg, South Africa where can i buy ingredients for the cayenne pepper diet?

  2. Emma
    3447 days ago

    Maybe you want to try the store at this website? at They may ship the whole cayenne pepper diet kit to you.

  3. glo
    3444 days ago

    i would like to know if the cayenne diet has any effect on acne??

  4. Emma
    3444 days ago

    glo: Yes it definitely can. Cayenne diet’s main purpose is to purge the toxins in your body. once the toxins are eliminated, you can easily cure your acne issue.

  5. Luisa
    3422 days ago

    My mother recently began using capsules of Cayenne pepper that she purchased at the local health food store. She reports that after only two days use that she could feel the cayenne pepper moving into her chest and into her left arm. This is fasinating in that the cancer node is located on the left side of her chest and in her left arm. Amazing.

  6. andrea
    3389 days ago

    Wanted to know what the condition of your Mother was now?

    Did she get rid of the cancer that she had.

    Look forward to your reply!

    Sincerely, Andrea

  7. admin
    3389 days ago

    @Luisa : I’m interested to know how’s your mother doing too? I hope your mum is healthy again!

  8. Luisa
    3388 days ago

    My mother has only begun using Cayenne pepper over the past few months. She does report that she feels better and can always feel the pepper working on that one spot in her left lung. Additionally, a significant amount of her varicose veins have disappeared.

    She has had severe varicose veins in both legs for many years and now her legs have begun to look more youthful. Obviously her circulation has improved significantly.

  9. Tom Bourland
    Tom Bourland
    3266 days ago

    Cayenne pepper is very effective at stopping bleeding from cuts, etc. It won’t sting or burn as you might expect, but it will coagulate the blood almost instantaneously. This can be an aid if one wants to carry it in the car in case one were to come upon an emergency situation and need to prevent bleeding. It also works great in the kitchen with a simple knive cut or puncture.

  10. florence
    3182 days ago

    @luisa how many capsules does your mother takes a day? does it burns when going to the bathroom?

  11. Sherley
    2977 days ago

    Hello: I have been taking cayenne pepper for at least two weeks. I take it with apple cider vinegar.Believe me it works; I was so tired, lethargic, no energy whatesoever. Even my mood seem to have change.. Plus, I had sore joints, lower back pain.. I am on syntroid and it does not seem to have any sideeffects.. the opposite even my partner tells me that I am more lively…. whatever it is, I give cayenne pepper credit…
    I wonder if taking apple cider vinegar could be hurtful in the long run.. thanks,Sherley