Cayenne Pepper Remedies

Cayenne pepper is not just used for preparing hot and spicy meals but it is also know for its many health benefits. Did you know that cayenne can remedy different illnesses or health conditions? It is an excellent remedy for arthritis, diabetes, bleeding, ulcers, flu, sinuses, cold feet, circulation problems, and fibromyalgia? Read on and you will find out more about these remedies.

Arthritis Remedy – cayenne contains capsaicin which when taken regularly can block the NGF (nerve growth factor) supply. NGF produces a hormone called P (SP) which transmits the pain signals to the brain. If the production of NGF is blocked, then the hormones can’t be produced and so no pain signals are sent to the brain.

The hypothalamus releases SP massively which can increase the pain intensely but the pain will soon diminish. Later on, the pain signals can’t reach the brain. You can take the capsules together with apple juice or milk. Do this regularly.

Diabetes Remedy – If you’re a diabetic, you can normalize the level of blood sugar by taking at least three capsaicin capsules. However, for hypoglycemic individuals, you should avoid cayenne.

You can lower the level of cholesterol by taking tomato juice mixed with lemon juice and cayenne. Drink this juice every time you eat greasy meals so that you can control your cholesterol.

Ulcer Remedy – a lot of people think that it would be impossible to use cayenne as ulcer remedy because it is ‘hot’. If you take capsaicin, the stomach will release extra mucous to coat the intestine walls. Even if you have bleeding ulcer, cayenne is an excellent remedy. Take at least 1-2 capsules everyday during meals.

Flu Remedy – when you have flu, you will feel body aches and you also have fever. You can use cayenne as a flu remedy. Instead of using antibiotics immediately, why don’t you prepare chicken soup and put a little bit of cayenne pepper and chopped garlic? This will surely fight the pain or aches.

Sinus Remedy – stuffed sinuses can ruin your day but with cayenne pepper on your soup, you can drain away the fluids. Through spicy therapy, you can open up the airways leading to the lungs.

Cold Feet Remedy – to warm cold feet, you will need to wear a pair of socks first. Sprinkle another pair of socks with cayenne and put it on. This will soon make your feet warm.

Circulation Remedy – during cold months, you can use cayenne to warm your bath. However, don’t use warm water, just tap water; otherwise, the water can become too hot which you won’t probably be able to withstand.

Fibromyalgia Remedy – if you’re suffering from this condition, you can use capsaicin’s topical solution for effectively reducing the pain and to improve the strength of your grip; don’t worry if you feel any burning sensation because this is temporary and will eventually disappear.

Bleeding Remedy – for serious cuts, nicks, or gash, apply cayenne to stop bleeding and promote blood clotting.

These are the most common cayenne pepper remedies that you can also follow.

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  1. Collette
    3341 days ago

    Cayenne in warm water 3 x a day has kept my Gastritus from returning, clears my sinus that I never knew I had etc
    Wonder healer & preventative – stops all flu & cold bugs in their tracks

  2. john
    3292 days ago

    how strong of cayenne should i take to help my Arthritis and 2 or 3 times a day