Cayenne Pepper To Reduce High Blood Pressure

There is no doubt that health is truly an individual’s wealth. That is why a lot of people who get health-related problems are always in search of ways by which their state could be improved. As the number of people getting sick rises every year, people need to look for more ways to stay fit, happy and fabulous.

Different societies are faced with the alarming number of people with high blood pressure. Although this could be caused by genetics, high blood pressure and hypertension could be linked to one’s way of living. Medicines attempting to cure and manage high blood pressure have long been available in the market. However, there are those that complain of the side effects of these drugs. Thus, it is really a must for high blood pressure patients like you to look for natural treatment alternatives.

One of the many fruits, spices and herbs found to help cure high blood pressure is cayenne pepper. Yes, this one hot, small pepper defies sizes when it comes to providing medicinal benefits. Also known as American red pepper, bird pepper and capsicum, cayenne pepper is a small, thin red pepper that has a distinct spicy taste.

A lot of studies made by experts have found the same thing—cayenne pepper can help improve a person’s blood circulation. The mighty pepper has been found to be capable of stopping platelets from binding together. With this preventive measure, you can be assured that your platelets do not come together as big masses that can block your blood flow. Once your blood flow is guaranteed to be on the regular side, your blood pressure will slowly go back to its normal state.

Aside from this, cayenne pepper also aids in the cleansing and flushing out of the capillaries important to blood flow. Cayenne pepper is also noted for its contribution to the treatment of various heart ailments. It has also been proven to be helpful in treating fungal conditions and digestive problems such as ulcer.


Ideally, a patient like you should just follow a normal meal every day. You can opt to mix cayenne peppers with your daily dishes. Some try to mix cayenne peppers with vinegar and other native sauces and use the concoction as dips for their fried dishes.

Traditional medicine also suggests taking cayenne directly as if it is a medicine. Chop a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and mix it with a glass of water. Drink up two glasses of this mixture daily. To help you wash down its spicy after taste, prepare a glass of cold water to flush down the heat that you would feel in your mouth. People who have been a proven benefactor of cayenne also suggest mixing honey to the solution. Doing so provides the concoction a touch of sweetness. Those who want to ensure empowered effectiveness mix a clove of garlic with the cayenne pepper drink.

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  1. Craig
    2876 days ago

    Can a person use another liquid instead of water? Such as prune, pineapple, or, tomato juice?
    Also, what about swallowing a clove of garlic whole with this drink? In order to avoid garlic breath.


  2. sim
    2837 days ago

    I use low sodium tomato juice or v8 veg juice about 8oz and one teaspoon of cayenne pepper, its defiently working for me as i feel fitter and started jogging at the age of 45, and doing the gym after a 20 year break! give it a go i say, make your own mind up thou.

    2707 days ago