Cayenne Pepper Diet – Facts About Cayenne Pepper Diet

Cayenne Pepper SpicesThe Cayenne Pepper Diet, also know as master cleanse or lemonade diet or maple syrup diet, has helped many dieters to achieve a healthier body, lose weight, and make one happier in just a short 10 days. You will need to fast and can only consume the lemonade mixture in this diet. This would
help your digestive system to be cleansed. Years of toxins were claimed to be eliminated after a while.

Celebrities such as Beyonce have endorsed the cayenne pepper diet. She appeared on Oprah’s show and mentioned that she managed to lose 21 pounds after she embarked on this diet for 10 days. Since then, many other celebrities have followed suit to lose weight as well as achieve a healthier body. As Cayenne Pepper has many health benefits, many dieters have benefited greatly from this diet.

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Many dieters who wanted to try out this diet fear that it is going to be tough. This is no doubt difficult as one would require to fast for 10 days and only drink the lemonade mixture instructed in the diet. Most dieters failed within the first 3 days and others have done the diet incorrectly. If done incorrectly, it may have some adverse effects on the body.

If you fear that you would starve and end up having no energy because of lack of vitamins and nutrients, you can rest assure you will have sufficient energy. The maple syrup in the lemonade provide carbohydrates for the body to sustain its daily activities. If you feel dizzy, fatigue, headache, nauseating, it may be because of the detox symptoms of the cayenne pepper diet. Experience dieters would advice you that those symptoms would just disappear after the next day’s flush.

Some skeptics criticize that master cleanse does not have any scientific proof backing it up and one would be healthy and cleansed just by going through a change in lifestyle.

However, there are many more people that have gave their thumbs up for the master cleanse. Some even have their diseases and illnesses cured after the cleanse. Even the doctors are amazed by the miracle.

These are some reasons why Cayenne Pepper Diet is effective:

The Health benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Not many have realized the benefits of Cayenne pepper. It is a member of the tomato, pepper, eggplant, morning glory, and nightshade family. It contains trace minerals, high antioxidants, vitamins, and capsaicin. Cayenne pepper is one of the hottest peppers on earth that has the miraculous power to heal.

Why does Cayenne Pepper Contain Medical Properties?

The main reason why Cayenne pepper has medical properties lies in its stem – Contains chemical capsaicin. Cayenne pepper are rated according to its ‘hot’ units, which are dependent on the level of capsaicin.

The hotter the pepper, the more beneficial it is to your body. Cayenne contains vitamins like vitamin C, E and carotinoids. Capsaicin can reduce platelets stickiness, increase your metabolism, stimulates the immune system and blood circulation. It can even kill harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, and other infections they may be hidden in our body.

How Does Cayenne Pepper Benefit Our Body?

If you apply Cayenne on a wound or a bite with some warm water, you will realize your wounds to be healed half the time it usually takes. This is because Cayenne can stimulate healing by increasing the blood flow and burn out the bacteria and viruses right out of the wound. Imagine how it will benefit your body from the inside.

If you have some illness or infection in your body, this herb can act as a miracle and detox your body inside out. All the congestion in the blood veins would be cleared. Hence with master cleanse, you would have a healthier body free of illnesses and diseases.

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Why Cayenne Pepper Works So Well In Master Cleanse?

With 10 days of Master Cleanse, 10 days of Cayenne pepper would mean you have these super food in your body doing all the wonders for you.

Dieters who have finished this diet have experienced a new life of rejuvenation and vitality. Others feel satisfied because they lose excess weight, increase in productivity, think better, better digestion, lesser probability to fall sick, cold, and even diseases.

Celebrities Who Have Done The Cayenne Pepper Diet

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  1. Laura
    3626 days ago

    I’m just into my second day of this diet and so far it is just fantastic

  2. John Foley
    John Foley
    3616 days ago

    Hi, Cayenne supplements are not recomended for people taking Warfarnt or other blood thinners What would be a safe amount of cayenne pepper to use daily for people on Warfarnt ?…..Thanking You For Your Kind Attention,,,,John Foley Wexford Ireland

  3. nj
    3607 days ago

    I have done this diet. It didn’t cure my colitis.
    The detox also gives you great joint pain.
    I would say the pepper is good for you and the lemon is good for you. They clear the sinuses.

  4. Linda
    3600 days ago

    I have been having problems with my colon and I have really been feeling tired and had no energy, I started feeling depressed cause I was always tired, I started taking cayenne pepper powder and I feel a different person. I can recommend it to anyone, my colon is fine and I have so much energy

  5. caroline
    3591 days ago

    hey…this cayenne pepper works wonders thats all i can say..xx

  6. caroline
    3591 days ago

    hey…this cayenne pepper works wonders thats all i can

  7. Nicholas..
    3569 days ago

    Hi. I am drinking cayenne tea more than a month it’s gooooood . How long can I drink the cayenne tea without side effect. Thank you Nick..

  8. frenchmustard
    3548 days ago

    I tried this for six days and shat like it was going out of fashion. I had broken my leg three days before starting but by the end of the 6 days I could run again. It even seems to have made me more intelligent and less credulous.

    Thankyou. xxxxx

  9. Miss Fhua tee
    Miss Fhua tee
    3547 days ago

    My colon are enduring pain for many months from when I have a accident quickly felching and I am not anymore beautyful for my man. I have found to my joy that the diet has removed all the out of order things from my inner part.

    I have been astonished how much like rubber has observed. Your diet has been the better thing for my life longtime. I can now believe, as some said anything told to me about the diet. I shall say sorry for my english is not good.

    Thank you from Fhua Tee (Hong Kong)

  10. frenchmustard
    3546 days ago

    Update. I am now 13 days into my lemonade/cayennepepper diet and have lost just under 24 pounds. That’s nearly 2 pounds a day. Only 32 pounds to go. I’m not suffering any side effects now except that my pubes are changing colour. Has anyone else experienced this ? It’s no big deal but I was just curious.


  11. Danny Mac
    Danny Mac
    3543 days ago

    About to start on 4/20/09
    Danny Mac

  12. frenchmustard
    3542 days ago

    Good luck Danny.
    Let me know if your pubes change colour.

  13. shortandfat
    3542 days ago

    FM: How long have you been on the diet now? I find your posts compelling and a great source of encouragement.

    DM: I too started the diet today and wish you well, do you have a weight lose target?

    Peace and Love

  14. frenchmustard
    3541 days ago

    Hi shortandfat (ASL ?). I’ve now been on the diet for 18 days and I’ve lost 28 pounds. I think only about 1 pound of that loss was blood. The rest appears to be pure fat. This is certainly one of the hardest things I’ve done but the results are well worth it. I’m looking forward to all the poontang I’ll get once all the weight has gone lol rofl jk :) .

    Keep it up and I’m sure you’ll soon be longandslim.

    Danny Mac. Did you start the diet yet ? Let me know if you get any side effects. Remember, if the bleeding gets too much it may be that your colon has been static for too long. Just stop the diet and start again after a few days. It can also help to felch the colon every couple of days if you aren’t used to a diet like this. Get yourself a small kif to help if you know one.

  15. Miss Fhua tee
    Miss Fhua tee
    3541 days ago

    Why my man has to beat me. He say my ass is stinging. I look more good than longtime with diet. Diet really work and lost many weights. My man say he not use my ass till diet finish but I nearly done. I have only 6 pounds for lose and diet is , my opinon FANTASTIC.

    I will post in 3 days when finish diet and tell you how much lose and if ass is better.

  16. Mz GiGi
    Mz GiGi
    3540 days ago

    Okay, so i am pretty much on day 2 and I am starving…. i am not too sure i am doing it right, because i thought it curves the appitite? I am trying to loose at lease 20lbs in this 10 days…. N e pointers?

    • admin
      3540 days ago

      Mz GiGi, most of the people usually starve after the first day of the master cleanse diet. You can let us know exactly what you did for the master cleanse so we can tell you whether it is right.

      One way to curb the hunger is to remove all the food from your sight. Even the commercials from the television would tempt you to eat.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

  17. Mz GiGi
    Mz GiGi
    3540 days ago

    Well i have just been drinking the lemonade mixed with the pepper and organic syrup… should i be drinking the herbal tea and doing the salt water flush???

    thank you for responding =)

  18. frenchmustard
    3540 days ago

    Mz GiGi (ASL?).
    Avoid salt water fish if you can. In fact any kind of fish or meat is just going to ruin the diet. Admin gives good advise about avoiding contact with food. For the first two days of my diet I watched telly wearing a pair of goggles made from the bottoms of pringles tins. That made the commercials impossible to watch.

    Empty your fridge and give all the good stuff to your family. If there’s any rubbish left you can give it to your local mong club.

    I have two days left now before the diet is over. Will let you know how much I have lost. I think you’ll be impressed.


  19. Mz GiGi
    Mz GiGi
    3540 days ago

    22/ F/ MD, what about yourself french mustard? I was asking about a salt water flush not salt water fish… i read somewhere that the salt water flush helps with the diet….but n e ways…. i am Still STARVING and i want some food…. however, this is only day three and i am determined to make it to day 14 at least.

    Ouestion what if i chew the food and then spit it out??? Does that count against my diet?????

    just a question…..

  20. frenchmustard
    3540 days ago

    28/M/Rome (originally eider down in michigan).

    I’m not sure what a salt water flush is. Over here they just have the normal one where you press the handle and everything gets washed away. Maybe someone else can help ?

    I would say that it’s best not to put anything in your mouth if you think you’ll be tempted to swallow. You can try spitting but that can be considered rude.

    I’m not sure what effect herbal tea would have. I have a freind who drinks loads of dangleberry fruit tea and he says it is excellent. I’ve never tried it though so can’t advise.

    You only need to last 14 days though. Is there anyone that could maybe lock you up in a room if that helps.

    One trick I thought of but didn’t use is not only getting rid of your food but you could get rid of all your clothes. Think about it for a minute. When you finish the diet none of your clothes will fit so you don’t need them. Also, if you have no clothes in the house you can’t be tempted to go out for food. Give all your old clothes to the local spaz shop then order some new ones online to be delivered at the end of your diet. Good idea do you think ? Let me know if you try it.


    Have you got any experience using a webcam ? I can’t get mine working :(