Cayenne Pepper Diet – Facts About Cayenne Pepper Diet

Cayenne Pepper SpicesThe Cayenne Pepper Diet, also know as master cleanse or lemonade diet or maple syrup diet, has helped many dieters to achieve a healthier body, lose weight, and make one happier in just a short 10 days. You will need to fast and can only consume the lemonade mixture in this diet. This would
help your digestive system to be cleansed. Years of toxins were claimed to be eliminated after a while.

Celebrities such as Beyonce have endorsed the cayenne pepper diet. She appeared on Oprah’s show and mentioned that she managed to lose 21 pounds after she embarked on this diet for 10 days. Since then, many other celebrities have followed suit to lose weight as well as achieve a healthier body. As Cayenne Pepper has many health benefits, many dieters have benefited greatly from this diet.

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Many dieters who wanted to try out this diet fear that it is going to be tough. This is no doubt difficult as one would require to fast for 10 days and only drink the lemonade mixture instructed in the diet. Most dieters failed within the first 3 days and others have done the diet incorrectly. If done incorrectly, it may have some adverse effects on the body.

If you fear that you would starve and end up having no energy because of lack of vitamins and nutrients, you can rest assure you will have sufficient energy. The maple syrup in the lemonade provide carbohydrates for the body to sustain its daily activities. If you feel dizzy, fatigue, headache, nauseating, it may be because of the detox symptoms of the cayenne pepper diet. Experience dieters would advice you that those symptoms would just disappear after the next day’s flush.

Some skeptics criticize that master cleanse does not have any scientific proof backing it up and one would be healthy and cleansed just by going through a change in lifestyle.

However, there are many more people that have gave their thumbs up for the master cleanse. Some even have their diseases and illnesses cured after the cleanse. Even the doctors are amazed by the miracle.

These are some reasons why Cayenne Pepper Diet is effective:

The Health benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Not many have realized the benefits of Cayenne pepper. It is a member of the tomato, pepper, eggplant, morning glory, and nightshade family. It contains trace minerals, high antioxidants, vitamins, and capsaicin. Cayenne pepper is one of the hottest peppers on earth that has the miraculous power to heal.

Why does Cayenne Pepper Contain Medical Properties?

The main reason why Cayenne pepper has medical properties lies in its stem – Contains chemical capsaicin. Cayenne pepper are rated according to its ‘hot’ units, which are dependent on the level of capsaicin.

The hotter the pepper, the more beneficial it is to your body. Cayenne contains vitamins like vitamin C, E and carotinoids. Capsaicin can reduce platelets stickiness, increase your metabolism, stimulates the immune system and blood circulation. It can even kill harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, and other infections they may be hidden in our body.

How Does Cayenne Pepper Benefit Our Body?

If you apply Cayenne on a wound or a bite with some warm water, you will realize your wounds to be healed half the time it usually takes. This is because Cayenne can stimulate healing by increasing the blood flow and burn out the bacteria and viruses right out of the wound. Imagine how it will benefit your body from the inside.

If you have some illness or infection in your body, this herb can act as a miracle and detox your body inside out. All the congestion in the blood veins would be cleared. Hence with master cleanse, you would have a healthier body free of illnesses and diseases.

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Why Cayenne Pepper Works So Well In Master Cleanse?

With 10 days of Master Cleanse, 10 days of Cayenne pepper would mean you have these super food in your body doing all the wonders for you.

Dieters who have finished this diet have experienced a new life of rejuvenation and vitality. Others feel satisfied because they lose excess weight, increase in productivity, think better, better digestion, lesser probability to fall sick, cold, and even diseases.

Celebrities Who Have Done The Cayenne Pepper Diet

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  1. Ozymandias
    3536 days ago

    Hey John, how are your progress? I am about beginning my journey, I just collected my organic cayennes from the store. With much excitement, wish me luck!!!

  2. John Fwit
    John Fwit
    3536 days ago

    Ozy (ASL?),
    good luck on the journey. Hope your taking a portable crapper with you. Incidently, I find that I make much longer skid marks with Porches Cayennes than with any other so be careful what you use.

  3. shortandfat
    3536 days ago

    Phew! I’ve been trying to post for a couple of days and was getting a little worried as without the support of my fellow starvationists things have been really touch and go.

    Ozy: Good Luck it gets easier once you realise that mental strength is stronger than mite!

    FM: Thanks for the words of encouragement and congrats with reaching the end it is indeed a purple one

    FW: YoYo! that brings back memoirs up there with space raiders!

    Well day 10 & I’m nearly to my 14 day goal – keep crackin’ on

    Peace & Love always


  4. Lupine
    3533 days ago

    Just wondering how’s your experience with the master cleanse? I see many people are on the diet in the comments.

  5. gina adams
    gina adams
    3532 days ago

    im gonna be starting the cayenne pepper diet tomorrow… was wondering how often or how many glasses can i drink… cus the 8oz water mix is not much for one whole day!
    and i believe water is unlimited, and lax. tea right?
    another quick q? excersise allowed? maybe not cardio, but was thinking sit ups n launges



    • admin
      3532 days ago

      Hi Gina, you should drink a minimum of 60 oz of lemonade each day. Do note that you should use 10 oz of water instead of 8 oz for each serving. You can drink more lemonade if you want to.

      And yes you should drink as much water as possible. We won’t recommend you to drink too much laxative tea though. You can do some light exercises if you want but do not over exert yourself.

      Gina, did you buy any book or references regarding the Cayenne Pepper Diet? It sounds like you don’t really know the exact directions. I would advise you to get a guide so that you know you are doing it right.

  6. Smoke
    3531 days ago

    I’m trying to start this diet, but had a few questions maybe some of you could answer.
    -While on the diet can you still take multi-vitamins?
    -Can you still run and work out?
    -What exactly is the salt water flush

  7. Ozymandias
    3531 days ago

    Wow! I am much excited about all the new activities and people who are making on the diet journey. I reach my day 4 now and am feeling flush, some headaches early but not for many days now.

    Smoke, I advise that you no eat anything but much lemonades, you get all your goodness from the cayenne liquor. The flush is what is urges your body to clean, like admin say I believe you to be buying a book or video if you depend for someone’s explaining.

  8. admin
    3531 days ago

    Smoke: avoid taking vitamins as it would complicates the detoxification process of the master cleanse. The other questions are all answered in the ‘ask a question’ section at

    Ozymandias: Stay strong and discipline throughout the diet! Hope your headaches would soon be gone soon after your body has detoxified. Share your experience with all of us as you gone through each day!

    And yes it is always recommended to buy a guide or book to ensure you are doing it right.

    We have researched through the net and read through all the guides and found these 2 guides the best.

    1) Master Cleanse Insider –
    2) Master Cleanse Secrets –

    By the way, if you guys are using twitter, you can follow our site tweets at to keep updated of our comments and latest news. Catch you guys in there!

  9. TB
    3530 days ago

    I just started this diet and am into my first day. I can hardly get use to the taste of the cayeenne pepper in the lemonade so asking anyone who knows. Does the pill form of the pepper take aways any of the benefits of the regular non-pill form? Does anyone find this taste as nasty as me. I haven’t did the salt-water flush but I’ve heard lots of complaints about the taste so if its worst, I am into a big challenge. any help

  10. Emma
    3530 days ago

    TB: About the cayenne pepper, I myself is able to take the taste of the cayenne pepper but I have heard 1 or 2 dieters having trouble with the diet. But my question to you is whether you have put the amount of cayenne pepper correctly? Or whether is the ingredients correct?

    Depending on the cayenne pepper pill, but usually the pill would have a different impact on the diet and may not be as beneficial as the powder form.

    Salt Water Flush – Yes, many people are unable to take the salt water flush. You can have the laxative tea instead of the salt water flush.

    Hope this would help you.

  11. admin
    3530 days ago

    TB & Emma: Actually you can try the capsules instead of the cayenne pepper powder. I would say the difference is not that great so doesn’t matter. Some say it is difficult to digest but don’t worry too much about it.

  12. TB
    3530 days ago

    Thanks EMMA and admin:

    I just found out there is also a liquid form of cayenne pepper which has received good reviews that can be used instead of the powder. Has anyone heard of this?

    Thnaks for the support all.

  13. admin
    3530 days ago

    TB: I have heard of the use of liquid form, can’t remember where but there’s this guy who does not recommend it because it’s not as good (in terms of the health benefits) as powder. I personally have not tried it yet.

  14. bonnie
    3530 days ago

    i am 17 years old just had a baby but im 180 i was 170 after i gave birth im gaining wieght …i want to try this diet but cant find a local store where i can buy these ingredients doese any one know where to get the ingredients

  15. Nona
    3530 days ago

    Hey all! I am on Day 3. Glad to see there are real-time others in this with me.

    I personally have been doing the 60 oz of Lemonade drink with a cup of herbal laxative tea for breakfast. In the evening I am alternating between the Tea and the SWF daily. I am taking the cayenne pepper pills. they are effective, let me tell you!

    I haven’t done any exercising but my Father-In-Law had an emergency “elimination” on the golf course. Once you start this count on every fart NOT actually being a fart! LOL. Your poop/fart separator gets busted. (Sorry if that was too much info!)

  16. Nona
    3528 days ago

    I guess I scared everyone away. SORRY GUYS!

  17. admin
    3527 days ago

    nona: don’t worry about it. probably most of them are on the diet. and enjoying the experience. how are you on the cleanse so far?

  18. eestigirl
    3525 days ago

    HI Everybody. It’s been great reading everybody’s experience. This is the first time I’m doing this diet. And today is my day #1. I’m planning on 14 days. I don’t mind the taste at all, it’s just a lemonade with a kick. It’s all about staying focused and resist temptations. I mean it’s only 14 days out of my life. All the food will be there when I’m done with this; and I hope I will lose the weight that I need as well as feel refreshed and my body will be cleansed!!!! I will be following up on this site for support and your stories and daily logs, it’s very good and helps to stay motivated! Thank you all!!!

  19. Emma
    3525 days ago

    Hi eestigirl, it’s great to hear that you are starting the master cleanse diet. And I hope you’ll have a cleansed and healthy body after the 14 days. If you need any help or support, come to this site and whoever online will give you a hand. All the best!

  20. eestigirl
    3524 days ago

    Thank you for the reply in regards to my note! My day two now… From lunch through dinner it was the hardest time yesterday… people’s delicious food smells were just killing me! I fought through it though, I don’t want to fail in the first 3 days!!! So right now I’m not hungry, which is weird, but I’m going with it. I hope it stays this way… I’ve had some friends who did this diet, and said that they would have like carrots or celery or some low sugar fresh fruit when they were just super starving. What are your thoughts on that? Thank you again.