Dealing with the Side Effects of the Cayenne Pepper Diet

Some of the reasons why people fail to complete the cayenne pepper diet got something to do with its side effects. The following are just some of the most common side effects people on the cayenne pepper diet report experiencing. And with each one are certain steps which you can do to deal with it properly.


If before taking on the cayenne pepper diet you are accustomed to consuming lots of coffees, teas or any other caffeinated beverages, it is very likely you will experience headaches. Experiencing headaches is a consequence of the body’s getting rid of caffeine residue in its various systems. But after the 10 days of sticking to the diet is done, your caffeine addiction will be greatly diminished.

Since the caffeine diet is all about detoxifying the body, taking headache medications will only spoil the purpose. There are a few remedies which you can employ, and one of them involves one of the main ingredients you use for the cayenne pepper diet: lemon. Lying on your back and placing lemon peels on your temples will help relieve headaches. For some people, listening to soothing music and avoiding watching TV and reading for a while also work. If you want to deal with headache through aromatherapy, eucalyptus, sweet marjoram, peppermint, geranium and lavender are scents that can send headaches away.

Hunger Pangs

Drinking nothing but lemonade for 10 days will definitely make anyone hungry. That is why before embarking on the cayenne pepper diet, it is recommended that you should be very determined to reap the benefits of the diet, which will be evident after its duration. If you are determined, it will be easier for you to deal with the side effects of the cayenne pepper diet, especially experiencing hunger and cravings – perhaps the most common side effects of the diet that many people cannot handle, so they fail even only a few days into the detoxification process.

One good way of dealing with hunger pangs is to try to steer clear of circumstances that are likely to trigger them, such as stresses or strong emotions. When they occur, usually our brain tells us to look for comfort, and some of us obviously find comfort in food. Throughout the 10-day period of the cayenne pepper diet, one can attempt to get preoccupied at all times, in order to get their mind off food. Being on the cayenne pepper diet is a great way to start a non-physically demanding hobby to help you deal better with hunger pangs. Also, try to stay motivated at all costs – it’ll help you survive the 10 days much easier.

Mouth Sores

For some people, especially those who are not that accustomed to the intake of spicy food items, mouth sores can be a very common and irksome side effect. There are two ways which you need to do with mouth sores: relieving the pain and lessening the irritation.

For pain relief, you may apply peppermint oil on painful mouth areas. Regular brushing, too, will help in dealing with the pain because of the soothing effect of the mint in toothpaste; however makes sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Cleaning your tongue thoroughly as well will help in eliminating much of mouth bacteria, which also contribute to the aggravation of mouth sores. For lessening the irritation, you can gargle with warm salt water, which is basically 1-2 teaspoons of salt dissolved in a cup of warm water. A hydrogen peroxide gargle is also helpful in dealing with mouth sores. To do this, simply add a teaspoon of 10 volumes hydrogen peroxide (or 3%) to a cup of warm water, then gargle with it. You may always use commercially-available mouthwashes. However, opt for an alcohol-free variant as it will not produce a stinging sensation, plus excessive dryness of the mouth may also be prevented.

Skin Irritations

Aside from the bowels, toxins are also eliminated through the skin. That is why some people on the cayenne pepper diet develop pimples, boils and other forms of skin irritations. First, you must remember not to prick nor scratch them. Clipping your nails short is ideal, so that when you are asleep it is unlikely that you will scratch them with your nails and aggravate the situation.

It is recommended to take a bath rather than shower, as the rushing water from the shower head can make worse the symptoms of such skin irritations. Avoid taking a hot bath because, aside from the obvious reason that the temperature is not good for the irritation, it can also dry the skin excessively. Warm water is preferable than hot, as the milder temperature can also help soothe the symptoms of skin irritations. Use a mild soap and a very soft body scrub in cleaning the skin during bath time.

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