Is Cayenne Pepper Diet A Safe Diet?

Safety is one of the major concerns when one decided to embark on any diet, especially on one of the most popular cayenne pepper diets known as the master cleanse.  Of course one would love to cleanse the body, remove the toxins, and even lose weight, however it is essential to consider the potential dangers of any diets. Some diet skeptics are overly concerned with the long fasts that may cause vitamin deficiencies, muscle breakdown, lack of vital nutrients.

Let us discover in some ways where you can ensure that your health is protected!

    1. Firstly, you would need to ensure that you are following the accurate directions. It is either you get some professional advice from books, online paid guide, or even doctor’s advice. Do not try to shrimp money and rely on free instructions on some websites. We would recommend you this book at Master Cleanse Secrets Guide.


  1. Secondly, follow the instructions closely. Most people failed to do so by trying to change the diet to suit their likings. Some even swapped the lemon with other fruits like cranberries, oranges etc.It is essential to follow closely to the instructions as it has been passed down decades ago.Changing the recipe and ingredients may have some unforeseen and adverse effects on your health and body. 
  2. Knowing your body – You would need to know your body well to ensure that you are suitable or eligible for the diet. If you have special conditions and health problems, you should not embark on the master cleanse. Pregnant women and people with diabetics should avoid doing this diet as well.

Other than these 3 points, you should rest assured that the Master Cleanse has helped several hundred of thousands of people to cleanse their body and hence there is very little possibility that you would harm your body if you follow the directions correctly and obediently.

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  1. Nomita
    3562 days ago

    Is cayenne pepper the red hot chilli we get in our markets? What actually is maple syrup?

    • admin
      3562 days ago

      Cayenne pepper is not the red hot chili we get in the supermarket. If you want to get cayenne pepper, you should find the label as “cayenne pepper”. Maple syrup is a sweetener from the sap of maple syrup trees. If you eat macdonald breakfast, it usually comes with the pancakes. However, that is not the organic maple syrup which we use for master cleanse.

  2. CBS
    3499 days ago

    Don’t forget to use Grade B maple syrup and not the usual Grade A syrup most commonly found in grocery stores.

  3. passerby
    3240 days ago

    i think your title is not whatsoever related to your content. i didn’t get the answer why cayenne pepper diet is safe..

  4. curious
    3173 days ago

    i know ten day is the recommended time frame but will i still receive some of the benefits if i do the cleanse for five days? i’ve never fasted and think starting slow will be better for me the first time around.

    • admin
      3172 days ago

      @curious : 5 days are fine too as long as it’s the goal you’ve made and you pull it through the 5 days. all the best!

  5. Joaquin
    3165 days ago

    Hi I’m a diabetic on insulin ( 4 times a day )and need to eat after every injection how do I make it work for me? I want to do this diet as I need to lose 2 1/2 stone.

    • admin
      3164 days ago

      @joaquin : That’s a difficult question but I guess instead of going on this diet, you can have cayenne pepper in your drink before your meals to lose the weight.

      Are you following a diabetic diet?