The ‘Side Effects’ Of Cayenne Pepper Diet

Cayenne pepper diet helps in cleansing our body of all the toxins. With all the health benefits you would derive from the diet, you would need to withstand through the diet (which is not easy for most people).

One aspect which makes the diet difficult is because one not allowed to eat for a period of days from 3-10 days. The other aspect which this article will elaborate about is the fact that one would feel inconvenience and unpleasant due to the ‘side effects’.


Below are the few side effects and symptoms one would feel during the diet.


Hunger & Cravings

One big hindrance one will face is that you will feel hungry while you are embarking on the cayenne pepper diet. This is especially so during the first few days on the diet when the body is getting used to the diet.


Many people try to conquer this by chewing on the food and not swallowing but they could not resist the temptations.


More experience dieters would share with you the better ways to conquer the hunger like adding a little more maple syrup to your lemonade. However, this can only be done at the specific amount.


For more detailed information about conquering hunger, you can discover more from this site – Master Cleanse Insider



For heavy coffee or tea drinker, where they consume a lot of caffeine on a daily basis, it is common that they will experience headaches during the cleanse. The body during the diet would try to detoxify the caffeine in the body and reduce the caffeine addiction. After the diet, your dependence for caffeine would greatly reduce.


Skin Irritation and soreness

As the body is trying to detoxify the body, besides eliminating the toxins from the bowels, it is common that the body would purge toxins out from the skin. As a result, when the toxins are purge from the skin, you can feel irritation as well as soreness.


Mouth soreness can be a very common symptoms when you are embarked in the cayenne pepper diet.


These symptoms can usually last for more than one day. If your body is full of toxins, it may take a longer time for these symptoms to disappear. However, you also should take note that if the whole process gets out of hand, do not hesitate to visit the doctor.


Common illness

Other common illnesses such as runny nose, coughing, nausea, diarrhea, can also occur during the diet. 85% of the people face these symptoms during their diet.


After reading these symptoms, do not get disheartened or discouraged from trying the master cleanse. These symptoms are temporary in nature and your body would be better after the cleanse.


Feel free to add on to the symptoms you have faced during the diet and we would address to your problems and help you along the way.

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  1. levi
    3458 days ago

    hi my name is levi and im trying the cayenne diet but i just dont know where to buy it at

  2. levi
    3458 days ago

    i was meaning like the cayenne pepper does it have to be organic or can i just go to the store and get it or do i have to go to a health store

  3. db
    3454 days ago

    levi, you can look up master cleanse and find the ingredients you need.
    everything is preferred organic.
    you need lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

    best to you!

  4. Shaikh Sattar
    Shaikh Sattar
    3427 days ago

    I want to try the cayenne pepper diet & I had even purchased the ORGANIC CAYENNE PEPPER (Product of Spain) & thats all i can get here in UAE. But i am find it hard to get MAPLE SYRUP. I would like to know what exactly it is & where exactly I can get MAPLE SYRUP. Is it necessary to include MAPLE SYRUP with the CAYENNE PEPPER POWDER.
    Please suggest me the best.

  5. adrienne
    3379 days ago

    during the period of cleansing 3-10 days… what foods can u consume? is any snacking permitted? can u survive on this cleansing potion for 3-10 days?

    • admin
      3379 days ago

      @adrienne : for the period of cleanse, you can’t consume any foods. only the lemonade mixture, water, salt water flush, and the laxative tea can be consumed.

      Yup, you definitely can survive on this for 3-10 days. Some people even do up to 30 days.

  6. andrea bloom
    andrea bloom
    3359 days ago

    if i try it for at least three days, will i rebound if i eat carefully after?

  7. ashley2010
    3212 days ago

    is there anything i can do to reduce the headaches?

  8. mary
    3212 days ago

    I am taking hormones replacement pills, am able to do the cleaning, i have to take one pill a day, until my doctor takes me off of them.

  9. tawny
    3186 days ago

    i want ot do the cayenne pepper diet but iam breast feeding so i can’t go without eating it wouldn’t be good for the baby.can’t i still eat but put cayenne pepper on everything i eat and drink the cayenne pepper, water an lemon without the maole syrup. I just want ot loose 10 pounds

    • admin
      3186 days ago

      @tawny : Yes you can just put cayenne pepper on everything you eat. Maybe you want to do the cleanse only after you are done with the breast feeding.

  10. Xander
    3163 days ago

    This sounds like an incredibly dangerous diet. As a medical student, I advise everyone visiting this site to seek more professional advice concerning weight loss and nutrition.

    The ‘side effects’ listed on this site are not a result of toxins leaving your body. they are a result of your body facing starvation.

  11. Emma
    3162 days ago

    @Xander : Hi xander, you haven’t heard about the master cleanse right? If you do, you will be amazed that there are thousands of people doing every year and it’s not just about weight loss, it’s more about cleansing and detoxifying the years of waste in your body.

    Have you not heard the juice fasting or the water fasting?

    These are some of the fasts that help to cleanse the body too.

  12. Xander
    3162 days ago


    There is little to no scientific evidence that any of these cleanses do anything positive for your body. You will never see any animal in nature purposely starve itself for days on end to get rid of so-called ‘toxins.’

    I have a degree in molecular and cell biology with honors from a very prominent university, and am currently a medical student at a top 15 school in the US.

    please, people, do not do this to yourselves. there are far better ways to manage your weight. symptoms such as those listed above are serious signs that your body is not getting enough nutrition. kidney, liver, and other damage could result from such a ‘cleanse.’

    Seek professional medical advice! These fad diets never last!

  13. Mikex
    3162 days ago

    @Xander: Well, I have completed the cleanse thrice last year and I never felt that good.

    To be fair, I don’t think it’s fair for you to say that it’s dangerous or there’s any scientific evidence to prove that. Definitely, no animal will do that – an animal’s instinct is to eat and survive, they don’t have brains to think of how to detoxify.

    Who is going to fund this research to prove that there’s any benefits? You? Me? The big pharma companies?

    Lol… don’t get fool by your medical studies. Don’t you know that there are so many research studies that are funded by big pharma and they fake the results?

  14. Tinks
    3156 days ago

    Im thinking of starting this diet soon for a wedding i have in a couple of months. I need to get some things right before. . . .how much cayenne pepper do i use. . . what is 1/10???? Can i just use lemonade or can i make it with hot water? Do i eat or do i just drink the mixture? Last thing. . . .if i just drink the 60oz lemonade how many glasses does this roughly make for the day?

    • admin
      3155 days ago

      first thing first: 1/10 is like a pinch of cayenne pepper.

      You would need to make your own freshly squeeze lemons. and you only just drink the mixture – drink it for 6-10 servings a day!

  15. Angela
    3155 days ago

    I am on day 10. I’m going to keep going. The energy I have is an amazing difference. I’m working out in the mornings. I don’t even want to be on the couch. My skin is sooo soft. My joints don’t hurt anymore. And I do think that I’m losing weight as it would be expected but I don’t own a scale and will judge according to my clothing. So far so good.

  16. Angela
    3155 days ago

    I forgot to say: after three months without a mentrual cycle, four days into the cleanse and I got my period. That is progress.

  17. derly
    3153 days ago

    can i uses honey are i have to uses maopol syrup

  18. laura
    3128 days ago

    in 19 and have got 4 weeks till i go on hoilday. im thinking about doing this detox but can i drink water aswell as the syrup drink ?

  19. Demi
    3118 days ago

    I have been on this “diet” for a while now and my results are amazing. In addition to the cleanse I also workout at least 30 mins. I did experience hunger pains and headaches, but my energy level is up, my body no longer aches, and I feel totally renewed!

  20. sonya
    3061 days ago

    Whilst I agree that everyone should research something like this thoroughly before undertaking it, I must also take issue with all those using the fall back position that there is no ‘scientific evidence’.

    To make such a statement relies on the fact that many people still believe the word ‘scientific’ means absolute proof without acknowledging the way in which it is so often used abusively to mislead the public. It is an umbrella term which in itself is meaningless.

    The drug companies produce ‘scientific evidence’ that their drugs are a) effective b) harmless.
    This is blatantly not true. A recent report – based on a verifiable study – exposes the fact that 85% of Big Pharma drugs are ineffective, and that the majority of them cause serious illness.

    So-called scientific data is easily manipulated, corrupted and used as a weapon to dupe people into consenting to be poisoned to make the Corporations billions of dollars.

    To any medical students reading this, I urge you to do your research. Beware you are entering a profession, probably with very noble intent, but you need to know the extent to which Big Pharama and the Medical Corporations are colluding to harm people not heal them.

    So, a diet such as this does need to be well researched, but so does the evil of the Pharmaceutical Conglomerations.