Why Cayenne Pepper Diet? – What are your reasons?

Different people have different issues in completing Cayenne Pepper Diet. Some faces the issue of starving, some could  not tolerate the ‘side effects’ of the cleanse, some do not really know the correct instructions for the cleanse. There are still many different kinds of issues people face when going through the Master Cleanse. In the end, only a few succeeded.

If you have a chance to interview these people who had succeeded on the diet, there a similarity among all of them. ..

They have a very strong reason to complete the cayenne pepper diet.

There is one dieter who said that he was suffering from colon cancer and the doctors were almost giving up on him. He was on the verge of dying, with only a few months to live and there is nothing the doctors could do.

It was by chance that he learned about the Master Cleanse and he decided he should go for it as there is nothing he can lose by trying it. To him, Master Cleanse is his last hope. And he told himself he cannot failed on the diet.

After 10  days, he completed his diet with success. And the doctors were astonished that his recovery and they could not understand why.

Most dieters succeeded because it is a must for them to complete the diet. In another words, they cannot afford to fail the diet.

Do you have a strong reason?

So today, we would like to help you by asking you this question, “Why do you want to do the Cayenne Pepper Diet?”

Feel free to send in your reasons for doing the cayenne pepper diet in the comments of this page. By sending your reasons, you would have put your commitment into words and it can greatly help you succeeding the cleanse.

We would also like to know your reasons so we can help you along the way.

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  1. KeKe
    3524 days ago

    I am extremely overweight. And its only a10 fast, I feel its safer than pills. So im guessing I shouldjust go for it

  2. Sher
    3519 days ago

    According to my BMI I am considered obese, therefore I need to lose the weight. I am going into my first day.

  3. hope
    3512 days ago

    My Body has changed and it’s depressing to see that im turning into someone i am starting not to recognize…..im looking for those 10 lbs to loose…. i’ll write back to tell you i lost them.

  4. Sandy
    3497 days ago

    After three children I feel like I can’t go back to my pre-pregnacy weight(135 pounds). I heard so much about this diet that I’m just going to give it a try. So tomorrow instead of food shopping…I’m gonna get all my ingredients for the diet and after 10 days I will come back and share with all of you my results. Current weight 185. Good luck to everyone!!!

  5. Flavian
    3487 days ago

    I am to heavy. According to my BMI I am considered obese. And I am only 30 years old. I am single and I have no kids. My weight is 101 kg and I am 1.73cm heigh (I do not know my weight in lbs or my lenght in inches. I really want to lose the weight. I have bought the ingredients over a month ago, but I keep procrastinating. So I decided to start tomorrow with the 3 day preparation of salads and juices. I will keep in touch.

  6. Boni
    3316 days ago

    I am overweight and have been diagnosed with hernia I desparatly have to loose weight I am on day 3 today and for the past 2 days I slept very well without 13 pillows and there are no pains in my chest